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CommunitySavers® Multifamily Program

Do you own or manage an unoccupied multifamily property containing three or more units? If your residents are income-eligible, you may receive energy-saving upgrades based on your no-cost energy assessment. Your community will receive energy-saving products, adding value to your property and increasing tenant satisfaction. Ameren Missouri's CommunitySavers Multifamily Program is designed to help multifamily property owners, managers and their income-eligible residents lower their energy bills and reduce maintenance costs. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, work performed for this program will only be done in an unoccupied residence or the exterior of a residence. Focusing on units that are unoccupied during tenant turnover, or buildings that are unoccupied while being renovated, provide safer alternatives to accomplish the goal of this program. The Multifamily Program is offered by Ameren Missouri in partnership with Spire.

How it Works

  1. Verify your multifamily property's eligibility by completing the inquiry form to get started.
  2. Properties must be unoccupied to receive in-unit upgrades.
  3. Program will focus on common area and exterior lighting phases of multifamily projects.
  4. Program staff will conduct a virtual assessment of your property.
  5. Work will be completed in areas of the property that can be safely accessed (no occupied dwelling unit work will occur).
  6. Enjoy your energy savings!

Program Requirements

Participation Eligibility:

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Your multifamily building must include at least three units with Ameren Missouri electric service.


The residents who occupy your property must meet at lease one of the three following income requirements:

  • Participation in a federal, state, or local subsidized housing program.
  • Fall within a neighborhood included on the Ameren Missouri's list of eligible low-income neighborhoods. Contact us for your eligibility.
  • Proof of gross annual-income levels at or below 80% of the area median income for resident(s).
    Household Size Annual Income
    1 $ 37,200
    2 $ 42,500
    3 $ 47,800
    4 $ 53,100
    5 $ 57,350
    6 $ 61,600
    7 $ 65,850
    8 $ 70,100

When a multifamily property does not meet one of the criteria above and will have a combination of qualifying and nonqualifying residents, at least 50% of the residents must be eligible in order for the entire property to qualify. If your multifamily building does not meet the tenant income-eligibility requirements, you may be eligible for the Ameren Missouri Multifamily program.

Incentive Eligibility

  • An energy assessment is required before incentive eligibility.
  • Incentives are capped at 100% of the measure cost (equipment plus labor).
  • The annual electric-incentive cap is $500,000 per property. Exceptions may be provided upon request.
  • The annual natural-gas incentive cap is $125,000 per property through September 30, 2021, for Spire gas customers.
  • All income-eligible incentives require preapproval before beginning the project and before equipment is bought and installed.
  • Incentives are provided on a first come, first served basis and are subject to the availability of program funds.
  • Pre-inspection verification documentation is needed for existing equipment.

Check Eligibility and Enroll in Program

To see if your multifamily property is eligible for this program, please complete the inquiry form and call 1.877.215.5752 with any questions.

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