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CommunitySavers® Single Family Program

Ameren Missouri's CommunitySavers® Single Family Program is designed to help income-eligible homeowners, renters, and housing organizations lower their energy bills and reduce maintenance costs. The Single-Family Program is offered by Ameren Missouri in partnership with Spire.

Ways to Save

Starting with a no-cost home energy assessment, a program representative will determine your home's energy saving potential and provide a list of efficient products to install and services to provide in order to optimize energy use. Energy saving products installed and services provided at your home may include:

HVAC Upgrades
Depending on your home's existing equipment age and condition, our energy-saving experts may recommend HVAC system tune-ups or replacements.
Efficient Showerheads and Faucet Aerators
More efficient faucet aerators and showerheads improve water use efficiency and reduce demand on water heaters, saving energy. This could help you save up to 700 gallons of water per year, or the amount needed for 45 showers.
ENERGY STAR® Appliances
ENERGY STAR-certified appliances use between 10% and 40% less energy than standard models, leading to significant energy savings over the life of the units. In addition to the energy savings, new appliances can enhance comfort and satisfaction and reduce maintenance calls.
LED Lighting
Using 80% less energy and lasting up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, LEDs can generate more light using less power.
Building Insulation
Building shell improvements including air sealing and insulation as well as insulation for hot water pipes may be recommended to reduce heat loss or gain, reducing load on HVAC units and reducing costs.

How it Works

  1. Ameren Missouri selects and pre-qualifies properties or communities primarily working with housing authorities' representatives, property managers and community-based organizations.
  2. Once a community is selected, agencies will be contacted by program staff to discuss scheduling a full energy assessment and additional energy efficiency upgrade components for homes within the community.
  3. If your home has been identified as being eligible for an assessment, either a program representative or your property management staff will work with you to schedule your assessment or notify you of when your assessment is scheduled to occur.
  4. A program-approved Home Energy Advisor will perform your free home energy assessment. During your assessment, the energy advisor will install free energy saving products valued at up to $500 - so you can begin reducing your energy bill immediately.
  5. Based on the home energy assessment, you will also receive information on additional energy upgrades that your home may be eligible for. If eligible, the program approved contractor, or your housing organization will reach out to schedule the follow up visit.
  6. Enjoy your new products and continued energy savings!

Program Requirements

Eligible homes must have an active Ameren Missouri electric account, four or less attached or detached living units, and participants must meet one of the following income eligibility requirements:

  1. Participation in federal, state, or local subsidized housing program.
  2. Proof of resident income levels at or below 80% of area median income (AMI) or 200% of federal poverty level.
  3. Fall within a census tract included on Company's list of eligible low-income census tracts.


Read more about our Single-Family Energy Efficiency Program with the below resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I identify the Home Energy Advisor?
Your home energy advisor will be wearing an Ameren Missouri shirt and an Ameren Missouri picture ID badge.
How do I sign up for the program?
If you are part of a housing organization that is engaged with the program, you will be contacted by a program representative or your property management staff to schedule your assessment. If you are a homeowner or otherwise not associated with a participating housing organization, you can fill out the inquiry from below to get started! A program representative will follow up on your inquiry to give you more information and communicate next steps.
How long will the process take?
The energy assessment and initial product installations usually take about two hours. Based on the assessment, additional free efficiency upgrades may be available to you and could take half a day up to two days for completion - this will be scheduled for a later date.
Am I going to be charged anything to participate in the program?
No, this program is offered for free to eligible Ameren Missouri customers in partnership with Spire Gas. There is no charge for the energy assessment or for the products and services provided.
What areas of my home will the energy advisor need access to?
The energy advisor must be given access to all rooms in your home for work to proceed. The energy advisor will be looking at areas inside and outside of your home; they will need access to the basement, attic, and all heating and cooling equipment. Additionally, all pets must be secured in a safe location while the work is being performed.
How long is this program available?
Program operates through December 31, 2023; however, incentives are dependent on available funds.