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Is an Air-Source Heat Pump Right for Your Home?
The Ameren Missouri Heating and Cooling Program can help you save energy, lower your bill and make your home more comfortable. When you upgrade to qualifying, energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment, such as an air-source heat pump (ASHP), not only will you use less energy, but you can also earn significant rebates to help make the installation more affordable.
What Is an Air-Source Heat Pump?
ASHPs are all-in-one electric heating and air conditioning systems that work year-round.
How Does an Air-Source Heat Pump Work?
During warmer months, a heat pump functions as an air conditioner, taking heat from inside the home and transferring and releasing it to the outdoor air. In colder weather, the process is reversed. The heat pump absorbs heat from outside and releases heat inside the house.
6 Reasons to Consider Installing an Air-Source Heat Pump
  • ASHPs provide efficient heating and cooling all from one source.
  • ASHPs are energy-efficient alternatives to furnaces and air conditioners.*
  • Compared to electric resistance heating, such as furnaces and baseboard heaters, an ASHP can reduce your electricity use by approximately 50%.
  • High-efficiency ASHPs also dehumidify the indoor air, resulting in less energy usage and more cooling comfort in summer months.
  • ASHPs are easy to install.
  • Ameren Missouri offers rebates up to $900† when you replace your existing system with a new energy-efficient ASHP.
To learn more about the Ameren Missouri Heating and Cooling Program and to find a participating HVAC contractor, visit
*If you switch from gas as your primary heating source to a heat pump system, you would NOT qualify for a rebate from the Ameren Missouri Heating and Cooling Program. †Offer applies only to qualifying purchases. Visit for full program details.