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Peak Time Savings

Save energy, help keep costs down for the community and benefit the environment - all while earning a sign-up bonus of $50 plus $25 each year on the anniversary of your enrollment! All you need is a qualifying smart thermostat, and you'll see that our Peak Time Savings Program may be right for you. Sign up today!

Make a Difference

Earn $50 just for signing up!

Your thermostat already does a lot to keep you comfortable and conserve energy. But now Ameren Missouri Peak Time Savings Program is here to help your thermostat do even more. By understanding how your home uses energy, the weather in your area, and your unique comfort settings, Peak Time Savings uses its cutting-edge technology to create the most energy-efficient schedule for you and your family. Peak Time Savings easily fits your lifestyle to help you save the most while still keeping you comfortable.

Additionally, on certain days during the summer, the Peak Time Savings Program will run an event to save energy during high demand times. During these events, the Peak Time Savings Program will manage your cooling schedule to reduce the runtime of your HVAC system when there is the most demand for energy.

How it Works

  1. Make sure that your home's cooling system is operated by a qualifying WiFi-enabled smart thermostat. (See our FAQ page for a list of qualifying smart thermostats.) Don't have a smart thermostat? You can purchase one at the Ameren Missouri Online Store and install it.
  2. Complete the Peak Time Savings program enrollment form online. You may also call 877.215.5752 for additional questions.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email from the Peak Time Savings Program and then you are officially enrolled. You'll now receive $50 as a sign-up bonus.
  4. On a daily basis, the Peak Time Savings Program will incorporate your preferences along with information about how your home uses energy, the local weather, and your billing information to create a more efficient schedule that will maximize your savings while maintaining your comfort.
  5. On the rare occasions that demand on the electrical grid is exceedingly high - and only on Monday through Friday during the months of May through September - your smart thermostat will automatically adjust to circulate the already-cooled air in your home. These times are called 'events' and will only last a few hours before your smart thermostat adjusts back to your preprogrammed cooling settings.
  6. On the anniversary of your enrollment, you'll receive $25.

Participation Requirements


The requirements for participating in the Peak Time Savings program are as follows:

  • Customers must have or purchase an eligible thermostat - ecobee3, ecobee3 lite, or ecobee4 thermostat
  • Any smart thermostat(s) participating in the program must be connected to Wi-Fi within the home
  • Any smart thermostat(s) participating in the program must be connected to and control a central air conditioner or Air-Source Heat Pump
  • No more than 2 smart thermostats per household and all smart thermostats in the home must be from the same manufacturer and be participating in the program
  • There can be no additional thermostats controlling temperature within the home
  • This program is available to single-family customers only
  • Net metering customers are not eligible
  • Customer's account must not be in the Medical Equipment Registry
  • Customers participating in a Time-of-Use (TOU) rate are not eligible
  • Agreement to the program Terms and Conditions which can be found here.