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Ease energy demand without sacrificing comfort.

Plus, you'll earn $50 for enrolling and a $25 annual appreciation bonus.

Learn more about demand response programs like Peak Time Savings.

Let your qualifying smart thermostat do all the work, while you stay in control of your comfort!

How it Works

Enroll Your Smart Thermostat
Select 'Enroll' under the manufacturer of your smart thermostat below. Need a smart thermostat? Visit our Online Store to get instant discounts before enrolling.
Receive Your Bonus
You will receive a $50 enrollment bonus within four weeks of signing up and $25 every year you participate.
Participate in Peak Time Savings Events
When energy demand is at it's peak, we'll notify you of an event. Your smart thermostat will automatically adjust to precool your home for several hours before an event, then lower your usage during the event. After the event, your smart thermostat will resume your preset temperature. Events typically last less than 4 hours.

You're always in control of your thermostat and your comfort.

Choose Your Qualifying Smart Thermostat

To participate in the program, you must be an Ameren Missouri electric service customer and have a qualifying smart thermostat installed in your home. If you need a smart thermostat, choose from qualifying manufacturers below to get an instant discount in our online store.
Google Nest
google nest
Participate in Peak Time Savings, powered by Nest Rush Hours Rewards. Explore Google Nest thermostats
Google and Nest Learning Thermostat are trademarks of Google LLC.
Copeland Sensi
Copeland Sensi Thermostat
Participate in Peak Time Savings with the simply smart Copeland SensiTM. Explore Copeland Sensi thermostats
    DIY: Follow the two simple steps below to purchase and install an Copeland Sensi smart thermostat and enroll in Peak Time Savings.
  • Purchase a qualifying Copeland Sensi smart thermostat.
  • Complete your enrollment with your existing Copeland Sensi smart thermostat.
Honeywell tstat
Participate in Peak Time Savings, with Honeywell Home. Explore Honeywell thermostats
Participate in Peak Time Savings, through ecobee’s eco+. Explore ecobee thermostats
  • Purchase a qualifying ecobee smart thermostat.
  • Download the ecobee+ app to complete.
Peak Time Savings Events
These events shift demand on the energy grid and empower your community for a more sustainable future. By responding to periods of peak usage and pre-cooling your home accordingly, Peak Time Savings ensures that you stay comfortable throughout the event. Events last no longer than four hours during the months of May through September.
You Have the Power
You're always in control of your thermostat and have the option of opting out of events.*
The best part?
Once you enroll, you don’t have to do a thing. Your smart thermostat does all the work!
*Opting out of 3 or more events may lead to removal from the program.