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Peak Time Savings - ecobee

Save energy, stay comfortable, help keep energy costs down, receive a $50 "sign-up" bonus AND earn $25 annually! It's easy. Just sign up and let your qualifying smart thermostat do all the hard work.

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Earn $50 just for signing up!

Your thermostat already does a lot to keep you comfortable and conserve energy. But now Ameren Missouri Peak Time Savings Program is here to help your thermostat do even more. By understanding how your home uses energy, the weather in your area, and your unique comfort settings, Peak Time Savings uses its cutting-edge technology to create the most energy-efficient schedule for you and your family. Peak Time Savings easily fits your lifestyle to help you save the most while still keeping you comfortable.

Ameren Missouri's Peak Time Savings program helps you save in a few ways.

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The program's smart technology works in the background to learn your preferred temperature ranges and how your home uses energy based on factors like weather, your typical AC runtime, and how quickly or slowly the temperature changes in your home.

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Energy Efficiency Days

The Peak Time Savings Program checks for energy-saving opportunities every day. When an opportunity arises to help you save, a custom schedule is sent to your smart thermostat. By adjusting the temperature a few degrees, you'll save energy and might not even notice.

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Program Events

There may be a few days in the summer that create a heavier demand for energy. To ensure everyone's energy needs are met efficiently, we'll announce a Peak Time Savings Program event to reduce demand where we can. These events pre-cool your home when energy demand is lowest and limit your air conditioning usage during the event. This helps you stay comfortable before, during and after the event, while conserving energy during those peak times. You'll always be notified when an event is scheduled.

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Effortless Control

To help you stay comfortable and lower your energy costs, our smart technology automatically adjusts your temperature based on learned preferences. Rest assured that you can still adjust the temperature in your home at any time. Otherwise, enjoy the energy savings.

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Make a Difference

The Ameren Missouri Peak Time Savings Program events are an easy way to save money and energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and keep energy costs more affordable for all Ameren Missouri customers - without ever lifting a finger.