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PLEASE NOTE: This program ends December 31st, 2021.

The Real Estate Energy Audits program from Ameren Missouri provides an opportunity for homeowners to earn a $50 incentive for conducting self-led energy assessments of their home along with a coupon for $200 off a home energy audit conducted by a certified energy auditor. Realtors and appraisers can sign up for educational opportunities to be able to market and value energy efficiency features during the home buying and selling process.

Savings Opportunities for Homeowners

Self-led Home Energy Assessment
Residential Ameren Missouri customers are eligible to do their own assessment of their home and its energy efficiency features. Simply complete and return the Home Energy Self-Assessment Worksheet and you will receive a list of recommendations for how you can improve the efficiency of your home along with a $50 incentive. Complete your assessment today!
Energy Audit Coupons
A home energy audit is a comprehensive analysis of your home and energy use, conducted by a Certified Home Energy Auditor. The audit can help determine how much energy a home uses and identify improvements to make the home more efficient and comfortable. Ameren Missouri is offering residential electric customers $200 coupons to discount the price of an audit. The homes must be unoccupied at the time of the audit in order to be eligible for the discount. Access a coupon today!

Upcoming Trainings for Real Estate Professionals

Appraiser Webinar: Efficient Homes Revealed
This free webinar will give appraisers tips to help avoid errors of omission in appraising or establishing list prices on homes that have upgraded energy features. Learn about available resources and information to help market and value homes. The webinar will feature nationally recognized instructor and green appraiser Sandy Adomatis.
Courses for Real Estate Agents and Brokers
Ameren Missouri is working with local real estate boards and associations to offer courses focused on how to market energy efficiency features during the time of sale. These courses include the two-day National Association of REALTORS' Green Designation course as well as a shorter, three-hour course titled 'Stand Out from the Crowd: High-Performing Homes'. Both courses are approved for Continuing Education credits. More information can be found on the registration pages

After successfully completing the course, participants will receive the following for distribution to clients:

  • Coupons for $200 off the cost of a comprehensive energy audit
  • List of Certified Home Energy Auditors within Ameren Missouri's service territory
  • Information on Ameren Missouri's energy efficiency programs and rebates
  • Home Energy Self-Assessment worksheets, that can be completed for a $50 incentive

Benefits of Participating

For All


Build your expertise. You'll learn the basics of energy efficiency, including how to spot a "high-performing" home. Many millennial homebuyers are looking for these features, so it's good to be prepared.


Encourage energy efficiency. Real estate agents, appraisers and homeowners alike will learn more about their home's energy health, invest in upgrades that make sense, and possibly save energy and money.

For Appraisers and Real Estate Professionals


Earn CEUs. Our courses are heavily discounted and allow you to earn Continuing Education Units for an affordable price.


Stand out from competing realtors. Stand out Energy audit coupons and expertise in energy efficiency provide a value-add to your clients. Since you'll know what to look for, you can confidently help your clients buy and sell high-performing homes.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I participate?
Homeowners can choose between the home energy self-assessment and working with a Certified HEA for a home energy audit. Customers choosing to perform the self-assessment can download the Home Energy Self-Assessment Worksheet or receive it from their real estate agent via email or in their Homeowner Welcome Kit. Participants of the self-assessment should send in their completed Home Energy Self-Assessment Worksheet in one of the following ways:

• Mail
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
Attn: Real Estate Audits Program
20 N. Upper Wacker Drive Suite 1301
Chicago, IL 60606

• Scan the worksheet and and email to:

Once the program team receives the completed worksheet, the homeowner will receive their personalized recommendations and their $50 incentive.

For any homeowners who have not yet moved into their home or are able to vacate their home, they can participate in the home energy audit conducted by a Certified HEA. They’ll be able to use their $200 coupon from their real estate agent towards this audit.
Am I able to participate in both assessments?
Yes! Any Ameren Missouri electric customers are able to participate in the self-assessment now and as restrictions due to COVID-19 lift, can participate in the home energy audit with a Certified HEA in the future.
What's in it for me?
Homeowners participating in the self-assessment will receive a $50 incentive after their completed worksheet is approved. This incentive will be mailed back to them in the form of a check. Homeowners participating in the home energy audit can use their $200 coupon towards a home energy audit when working with a Certified HEA.

Real Estate Professionals

How do I participate?
Real estate agents and appraisers can view course offerings and register for a Green Designation course (for real estate agents) or an Appraiser Institute course (for appraisers). During the course, you will receive information on Ameren Missouri programs, local Certified HEAs and coupons for discounted audits to pass on to your clients.
How much does it cost to take these courses?
Prices vary based on the host association; however, all courses are heavily discounted.
What's in it for me?
By taking these courses, you will gain expertise on the basics of energy efficiency, including how to spot a "high-performing" home. There is growing interest in these types of features, particularly with millennial homebuyers. In addition, realtors who complete the Green Designation course will be listed on the National Association of REALTORS'® Green Directory, and appraisers who complete the two-day course in appraising green homes will be listed in the Appraisal Institute's Green Registry. This will allow clients who are looking to buy or sell green and energy-efficient properties to seek you out specifically over other professionals without these certifications. Finally, you will also receive coupons good for $200 off the cost of a comprehensive home energy audit, that you can give to your clients.
Will I earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) credits?
Yes-both the Green Designation course for realtors and the two-day Appraisal Institute course for appraisers allow you to earn CEUs.
What does the home energy audit entail?
During the home energy audit, the auditor will perform a comprehensive analysis of the home to diagnose any issues. The audit can help determine how much energy a home uses, where the home is wasting energy, and which problem areas should be prioritized to make the home more efficient and comfortable. An energy audit is typically the first step homeowners take before making energy-saving improvements.
Who is qualified to perform an energy audit?
For this program, the coupon can only be redeemed for audits performed by Certified HEAs who are currently certified by the Missouri Division of Energy. Course attendees will be provided with a list of Certified HEAs within Ameren Missouri's service territory. Only Ameren Missouri electric customers are eligible to redeem the $200 energy audit coupons.